about us

As an RBI approved Non-Banking Finance Company (NBFC) incorporated under the Companies Act 1956, KASAL India (P) Ltd has been shaping the lives of millions who aspire to dream big, own life’s luxuries, meet financial exigencies and envision entrepreneurial ideas.

Founded in November 1995, KASAL is the financial services wing of the renowned ‘Thaamath Group’ established nearly 4 decades ago by the entrepreneurial visionaries, K Balachandran Nair and T K Harikumar who have continued to uphold the traditions of prudent financial markets for the prosperity of individuals and the economic development of the community, at large.

Head-quartered at the nation’s capital, New Delhi, KASAL has an authorized and paid-up share capital of Rs. 400,00,000 (4 Crore). Based on the strong financials, good governance and internal control mechanism, KASAL has been licensed by the apex bank of the country, Reserve Bank of India and is all set to become one of the fastest-growing, progressive NBFCs in India.

Vision & Mission

Welcoming each and every customer with a friendly smile, recognizing their deep-seated values, understanding their short-term as well as long-term financial needs and offering them the most personalized service portfolio is our first and foremost mission. Never settling for a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, we fine-tune our services to suit individual requirements and a growing economy.

We strive to be the most trusted and most preferred brand in financial services as well as a customer-centric, socially responsible organization, adhering to the highest standards of compliance, corporate governance and operational excellence across India.

Universal Empire Group

It all began in the mid 80s when a young, management expert and budding entrepreneur from Kerala came to the Middle East, stretching his imagination across the desert dunes to build an oasis of hope for millions.

Mr. K Balachandran Nair had a dream. Before anyone could dampen his entrepreneurial spirit, he gave life to Thaamath International, laying the first stones of a universal empire, aptly christened as Universal Empire Group (UEG). Celebrating close to four decades of excellence, UEG has been leading the way as one of the fastest growing business group with diversified business interest in education, management, healthcare, infrastructure and financial services.

With a financially sound base, UEG has grown in grandeur to become one of the largest organizations with proven management capabilities, international expertise, excellent stakeholder management capabilities and admirable brand equity. Today, the Universal Empire Group is an avant-garde brand with centers of operations spread across India and East Africa.


At KASAL India, we believe that every business exists to serve a larger, more humanitarian goal in society. Judging by the total values KASAL India has created for the community we thrive in, all our initiatives and business fair practices have improved the lives of many and supported the principles of sustainable development.

It is at the core of our being to respect and attribute to the communities in which we work and also support the basic human rights of all people within our business and throughout our entire value chain. We are sensitive to the sentiments of the society and engage in the cultures of the communities in which we participate. Every decision we take are implemented only proper regard to the long-term financial ability of the company, our stake holders, customers as well as employees. We work hard to create value by ensuring lasting customer satisfaction.

We feel reassured that our conscious decision to adopt an environment-friendly ethical code of business practice in all our endeavours will significantly enhance the future competitiveness of our parent concern, Universal Empire Group’s diversified businesses.